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IN 2003, Cubbie Blue Publishing, a small traditional publishing company, released a unique series of educational children’s books, the Claire Adventures series, written and illustrated by Heather French Henry, Miss America 2000, a veterans’ rights advocate. These books follow Claire as she discovers the meaning of the Fourth of July (Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Jellybeans), Flag Day (What Freedom Means to Me), and Veteran’s Day (Pepper’s Purple Heart). She also figures out how planes work in Flying Away, and how to make a sick friend feel better in, Claire’s Magic Shoes. Even though these books are out of print, they are still being used as lesson-plans by many elementary school teachers, and they remain recommended reading on many educational, state and governmental sites. In 2006 Ravencrest Publishing was created to release adult books, an imprint of Cubbie Blue Publishing. 

Heather French Henry not only achieved the title of Miss America but became a national veteran’s advocate. As Miss America 2000, she embarked upon a national speaking tour encompassing three phases: “Our Forgotten Heroes: Honoring our Nations Homeless Veterans,” “Homes for Heroes,” and “Fighting the Silent Enemy: Hepatitis C.” Recognized for her outstanding contributions, she received many awards including: Ten Outstanding Young Americans by the American Jr. Chamber of Commerce and the Americanism Award from the Veterans of Foreign Wars. 

Watching her father, a disabled Vietnam veteran, struggle with the nightmares of war – and then her uncle becoming a homeless veteran – strengthened Henry’s desire to champion the veteran’s cause. Henry was the first in her family to go to college. She continued her education achieving a Masters of Design and Illustration from the University of Cincinnati.

Henry is Executive Director of the Heather French Foundation for Veterans, and has recently been appointed to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs National Homeless Veterans Advisory Council. In 2001, the Heather French Henry Homeless Veterans Assistance Act was passed. She is married to Stephen L. Henry, MD, former Lt. Governor of Kentucky, where they reside with their two daughters.


We would like to thank all of the elementary school teachers who heard about the Claire Adventures children’s series through word of mouth blogging, and reviewing them. We are delighted that you found them to be so helpful in your classrooms, whether in teaching your early readers about the American holidays, how to deal with disability (Claire’s Magic Shoes), or the invention of the airplane (Flying Away).

You were the reason why we launched with this endeavor.

We are so touched that you created ‘lesson plans’ out of many of these books and continue to use them in your classrooms. That is the best compliment ever! Pepper’s Purple Heart sold out twice and is now out of print. We are no longer publishing these series of books. Some are still available on-line and through the author’s website.

If anything changes in this regard, we will post about it here and so please check back and visit again!

The Cubbie Blue Publishing Team.

Heather French Henry with the books





General Jones teaches Claire and Robbie that with freedom comes responsibility.

What Freedom Means to Me: A Flag Day Story, written and illustrated by Heather French Henry

* Pub. Date: June 2004 (age range: 5-9/32pp/color/picture book: series: Claire’s Holiday Adventures)


* ISBN-13: 9780970634122  *Hardcover-Price: $15.95

Claire conquers her fear of taking her first airplane flight, and learns about aviation pioneers.

Flying Away written and illustrated by Heather French Henry,

* Pub. Date: May 2004 (age range: 5-9/32 pp/color/picture book: series: Claire’s Everyday Adventures)

* ISBN-13: 9780970634146 *Hardcover-Price: $15.95


* Pepper’s Purple Heart, A Veterans Day Story, written and illustrated by Heather French Henry

*Pub. Date: June 2004 (age range: 5-9/32pp/color/picture book: series: Claire’s Holiday Adventures)

Pepper's Purple Heart

* ISBN-13: 9780970634108
ISBN: 0970634102  *Hardcover-Price: $15.95

This title is ‘Out of Sock’ -even of second printing.


Through the eyes of a little girl named Claire and her friend Robbie, children learn about our nation’s veterans and why we honor them on Veterans Day. In the process, Claire also learns responsibility after her next-door neighbor, General Jones, rescues her puppy, Pepper.


Claire’s Magic Shoes written and illustrated by Heather French Henry

Visiting sick children in a hospital, Claire helps them overcome their physical disabilities by using their imagination and becoming whoever they want to be.

magic shoes cover

* Pub. Date: May 2004 (age:5-9/32 pp/color/picture book: series: Claire’s Everyday Adventures)

* ISBN-13: 9780970634139 * Hardcover -Price: $15.95



Claire conquers her fear of taking her first airplane flight, and learns about aviation pioneers.

Flying Away written and illustrated by Heather French Henry,

* Pub. Date: May 2004 (age: 5-9/32 pp/color/picture book: series: Claire’s Everyday Adventures)

Heather French's children's book cover

* ISBN-13: 9780970634146 *Hardcover-Price: $15.95



Synopsis: Claire learns from Ben Franklin and the Founding Fathers that the Fourth of July is more than just fireworks; it’s the celebration of our freedoms.

Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Jellybeans, a Fourth of July Story

* Pub. Date: June 2004 (age Range:5-9/32 pp/color/picture book: series: Claire’s Holiday Adventures)


* ISBN-13: 9780970634160 *Hardcover-Price: $15.95







Conference of the Birds 



J. Nicholas  



http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/conf-of-the-birds-reflowable-j nicholas/1121798151?ean=2940151238519


Summary: Unhappy with who they are, five unlikely friends—a raven, a canary, an owl, a parrot, and a homing pigeon—embark on a treacherous journey, eventually discovering strength in togetherness, the value of their own unique talents, and a new sense of self-worth.
Reviews: This book is not only delightful, it has an important message  says Top Amazon reviewer, Israel Drazin, the Conference of the Birds, “This book with charming primitive-type pictures tells about the sky, the magical realm of the birds and the book teaches children about self-worth. Children will enjoy reading the reaction of the birds to this cryptic advice, how they interpreted it, their adventure, and how they solved their feeling that they should change.”
Jessie Marie posts, “Be Yourself! Love it! This is a book that takes you on a journey with different birds. They all wish to be different from what they are. In the end, they found that just being themselves and using their talents is better than being someone else.”
5.0 out of 5 starsUnique and beautiful states Educator Rachel Horon, “The birds learn that about themselves in The Conference of the Birds as will young readers of this book. Each bird from the owl to the canary to the homing pigeon have a trait or a skill that they are not as fond of. It takes a journey to discover how that part of them that seems flawed is actually useful or wonderful. My six-year old enjoyed the vibrant illustration colors and the theme of the story. It allowed us a moment to reflect on our own gifts and the gifts of those in our family.”
5.0 out of 5 starsDelightful story and illustrations posts Top 500 Amazon reviewer, “My young niece and I read stories together quite frequently. I try to incorporate stories into the mix that have a positive message and author J. Nicholas’ “Conference of the Birds” just screamed positivity to me. The story of five very different species of bird who are unhappy for various reasons. The raven, canary, owl, parrot, and homing pigeon come together as friends, share a journey, and all learn some valuable lessons along the way. The idea that we each can contribute something unique in this life is an important one for children to hear often and is related so well in this delightful story. The illustrations throughout are simply amazing and add so much to the tale. Well done.”
Christiane Hitti writes, “What a very exciting story from a talented writer J.Nicholas. Conference of the birds…The story is about many colorful birds with different personalities going on a journey to find themselves, and find answers to their unhappiness… what they finally find is that real happiness is living in a community when they all rely on one another while appreciating each other’s differences.
The illustrations are amazingly charming, bright and very appealing to young children. I recommend this book to all parents.”

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